welcome to Bauen

Hi! Welcome to Bauen. It’s nice to meet you!

It’s spring time and our first week of blogs. We are imaging it will be like the first awkward week of college – us getting to know you and you getting know us. Please tell us what you like and don’t like. What you want to learn more about and what you can do without. Our goal for the Bauen blog is to connect with fellow DIY’ers that are looking for a bit of humor, knowledge and inspiration. We know DIY isn’t the most glamorous thing, but we will try to make the products and projects look sexy with photo filters – who doesn’t love photoshop 🙂 So read on to learn more about us.

Who is Bauen? And what’s with the name?

I founded Bauen after spending one to many lunch breaks at the local hardware store or online learning the different between patching putties – seriously, there are tooooo many out there. Why oh why can’t someone tell me how to do the project and what exactly to buy on the same website. I’m talking EXACTLY what to buy, not send-you-to-a-page-with-150-types-of-drop-cloths from which to pick. Once again, there are tooooo many out there.

Blurred-ProductsTo compound the problem, I worked for an amazing high end residential architecture firm in NYC. I had the opportunity to see the best of the best. I’m talking feather wallpaper for the .0000001% people – and learning from the best of the best. All the trades I came in contact with at the project site taught me that even though I can’t finish my wall to the perfectly smooth lacquered finish our clients demanded, I can at least be an informed homeowner with just enough knowledge to do a pretty decent job. So here we are. I decided to take the leap from working with the .0000001% people and help the rest of us achieve beautiful homes. So thanks for listening to my spiel and I hope we can inspire, encourage and empower you.  Check out our site and let us know what you think. We are young and just starting out so any suggestions, good and bad are valued!!

– Jordan Jones


Bauen means to build in German. We want to give our company a name that reflects our mission and style. There is a simplicity to the name. We love DIY and home improvement, but decided the company name should be jazzed up a bit. Instead of opting for a WeLoveDIYHomeImprovement.com name, we opted for some something a little more intriguing.

Until next time!

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