Time: 30 Minutes
Skill Level: Easy
Project Cost: $30
Professional Cost: $200
Tools you Need

Time to learn how to unclog a drain.

You tried Draino, you tried one of those plastic “snake” contraptions and nothing seems to work. Your sink is starting to look crusty and nasty. What to do!?? You can hire a professional plumber or you can learn how to unclog a drain. It is actually pretty simple project but does involve a strong stomach. Before getting started, let’s give you a quick breakdown of the sink drain anatomy.



bauen logoDefinitely try this project before hiring. There is a pretty good chance you will be successful.


Protect your bathroom from drain debris.

1. Wear Gloves. We highly recommend wearing gloves when removing the P-trap and cleaning out the drain. Who knows what is lurking in there!

2. Protect your Vanity. Place microfiber cloths/rags and a bucket below the sink drain to collect all water and waste. It will get wet!



1. Loosen. Loosen the slip nuts that are on both sides of the P-trap using your adjustable wrench. Refer back to the anatomy image for help identifying the pieces. We found a great pair of adjustable pliers that are available for purchase in our e-commerce shop.


2. Remove the P-Trap. Support the P-trap with one hand and completely loosen the slip nuts. Hold your breath and remove the trap piece gently. You will probably see the culprit – a clump of gunk that has been stuck in your sink drain. Don’t stare too long. Time to move on and continue unclogging your drain.



3. Clean the P-trap. There is a chance you have gunk stuck in the P-trap. You can use paper towels to push out any debris.



4. Remove the Drain Stopper. Time to attack the clogged drain from the top. Remove the drain stopper to access the drain. There is a good chance your drain stopper is harboring gunk and needs to be cleaned.



5. Snake the Pop Up Waste. Clear or “snake” the pop up waste using a snaking tool that will push down the gunk. We found a great tool that has little “catchers” at the bottom. They can expand to fill the size of the drain and help push everything out. The tool reminds us of those arcade cgames where you try to catch a stuffed animal.


6. Run Water Congrats for making it this far! We are sure the previous step wasn’t pleasant. Run water to test if the drain is clear. If water is still having a difficult time passing through the drain, continue snaking. Push at different angles.

7. Done! Time to put everything back. Put the P-trap elbow back on the way you removed it. First tighten the slip nuts by hand and then tighten securely using the adjustable pliers. Install the drain stop and you are good to go! Hopefully you won’t be needed to do this anytime soon!!

bauen logoDefinitely protect your area and yourself. It will get messy! We know this is a gross project, but it will save you the bucks. Save that money and put it towards your future bathroom renovation.

Ready to unclog your drain?

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person removing p trap from drain
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