Time: 3 Hours
Skill Level: Easy
Project Cost: $35-$105
Professional Cost: $350
Tools you Need

This quick and easy project will update any room. Learn how to paint a fireplace.

Learning how to paint your fireplace is the perfect protect that will allow you to update the look of your room on the cheap. It is an inexpensive alternative to refacing your fireplace with a different material. Going white will lighten up the room. Going dark will take your edginess to the next level.


Answer these questions before picking up your paint brush.

1. Have you had your chimney cleaned in the past year? Have you had it inspected since moving in?
It’s a good idea to clean your chimney once a year, typically prior to cozy warm fire season. Don’t worry, it’s not Mary Poppins style these days. A chimney cleaning is mess free. We recommend performing a chimney and flue inspection at the same time. A few important things they check for include cracks in your chimney lining and clogged flue lines. If the professional notes problems, absolutely get a second and perhaps even a third opinion. Chimneys can get expensive so you want to make informed decisions.

2. Do you plan on painting the inside of the fireplace?
If yes, the type of paint you will use is not your standard interior latex paint. You will want a paint that can withstand direct high heat. Paints designated for grills are perfect for this type of job. Check out Stove Bright and Rustoleum paints.

3. Is the fireplace an exposed material or is it already painted?
If the fireplace is an exposed material, such as brick or stone, you will need to prime the surface before painting. Primer creates a tight bond between the surface and the paint. If the surface is already painted, then you are good to go – head straight for the paint.

4. What type of paint should you use?
Good question! There are tons of paints out there, but when it comes to finish, Bauen recommends using either a Satin, Semi-Gloss or Glossy finish. These finish types allow for easy clean up because they don’t absorb water/cleaner like a Matte or Eggshell finish would. When it comes to brands, it’s all personal preference and price point.

ottom Line. Definitely prime if you are working with an exposed material. Clean and inspect your chimney. Have at least 2 professionals perform the inspection.

Protect Your Area

1. Remove it All. Protect the area by removing any furniture close by. Cover the floor with a drop cloth to protect your fireplace hearth. Remove fireplace doors. If they cannot be removed, protect door edges, as well as surrounding walls using a painter’s specific tape.

2. Clean. Fireplaces receiving a paint touch up should be cleaned well using a rag and general purpose cleaner. If especially dirty, use a soft bristle brush. Old toothbrushes work great! For fireplaces that have exposed materials, use a lightly damp cloth to remove any loose debris and dirt. Primer and paint will not stick to dirt.

3. Prep your paint. Place your tray liner in the metal tray. Stir your paint with a paint stick to insure a uniformly mixed paint. If you are using paint from the original paint job, there is a chance it might have thickened. Not a problem. Add a small amount of water to the paint and give it a good stir. Go easy on the water. Once you put in too much there is no turning back. Note: This only works with water-based paints.


1. Prime. Prime your surface. Read Bauen’s comments on paint brushes vs rollers below.

2. Start Painting. You have a few tool options when it comes to painting – roller or paint brush. Paint brushes are great for rough surfaces such as brick and stone. If your surface is very smooth, opt for a roller using a 3/8″ nap roller cover. Bauen recommends using an old brush or an inexpensive one for painting these rough surfaces. Why go cheap? There is a good chance the bristles will bend and the appearance of brush strokes isn’t a concern on rough surfaces.

3. Well that was easy!! Add a second coat of paint if you need more coverage. Otherwise, let the paint dry thoroughly before using your fireplace.


ottom Line. Clean the fireplace, especially if you are going white! The last thing you want is dirty paint.

Ready to start your painting your fireplace?

Time to take the guesswork out of what painting products to buy. Purchase our project kit that includes all the tools needed for a successful painting job. You just need to supply the paint.

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