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What are Power Sanders

Square, round, long and short – learn the the difference between power sanders.

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Power sanders are a pretty fantastic invention that makes the job of sanding much much easier. They are the perfect tool to refinish that coffee table you picked up at a garage sale. They are also the bread and butter of refinishing floors. Imagine doing a full house by hand! You should also know power sanders are used beyond the obvious wood sanding. They are used to sand edges of tile and glass so that the sharp edges can’t harm you. However, for this article we will stick to wood sanding. Check out our chart below to show you what’s the difference.


But I see more sanders out there. 

And you are correct! There are a few more sanders out there and soon we will be reviewing them for you. However, we stuck to the most common ones you will encounter for floor, door and furniture refinishing.

Don’t forget…Proper protection.

Power sanders come with dust bags, but in no way do these bags catch all of the sanding dust. Sanding dust is sometimes hard to see, but trust us, it can travel great distances. Place drop cloths around your working area and use them as vertical barriers to stop the spread of dust.

Personal protection is also very important. Always wear a respirator! Look for one that says N-95 or N-100. Bauen also recommends wearing goggles and ear plugs. The machines can be quite loud.

bauen-bottom Line. If you are a weekend DIY warrior, it might  be a good idea to invest one or two of the sanders. Bauen’s top pick is the belt sander. It’s harder to remove stock by hand than do fine finishing by hand.