Project Description

Shoe Molding vs. Quarter Rounds

One little dimension.. That is what’s the difference.

Shoe moldings and quarter rounds serve many of the same purposes but they are not interchangeable. What’s the difference…Shoe molding vs quarter rounds.

Quarter rounds

Quarter rounds are a perfect ¼ of a circle with a 90 degree back and come in various radiuses.  Standard is ¾” radius.

Shoe molding

Shoe molding is like “an almost there” quarter round -one side is longer than the other.  Standard size is ½”.  Shoe molding is more flexible than quarter rounds, therefore it is more common in home applications, specifically on baseboards.

When do I use them?

Quarter round and shoe molding are a perfect trim piece for transitioning between flat surfaces and vertical surfaces, such as floors to walls. You might think it is necessary to have a transition piece, but houses do settle over time. This means there are slight shifts in the foundation, walls, etc. With that comes gaps and splits. Shoe moldings and quarter rounds can give the illusion of clean walls. It comes down to personal preference when picking one over the other. The quarter round’s curve is more pronounced, so often people will opt for the lower profile of the shoe molding. Cost wise, both are inexpensive. Quarter rounds are more commonly found in decorative situations such as millwork, window casings and door frames.

Why should you care?

Resale, resale, resale.  People’s eyes tend to gravitate towards transition points, such as wall to floor, stone to tile. Just keep it consistent.

ottom Line. You can’t go wrong with either. Definitely consider installing some if you don’t already have some.