Project Description

Paint Rollers

Roller covers are one of those painting necessities that seem to all look the same. So why are there so many options?

There are good rollers and there are bad rollers and unfortunately price can dictate between the two. Good roller covers will have a moisture resistant core that won’t absorb the paint and cause the roller to lose its shape mid-paint job. STAY AWAY FROM CARDBOARD. Good rollers are also shed resistant. Who really wants to tweeze furry fragments from the paint? Not us.


Nap or Pile Height

Nap or pile height is a very important component of a roller. This dictates how much paint the roller can hold vs how smooth the paint is left on the surface. Smaller nap = smoother paint surface. Higher nap = more held, thus transferred onto the surface. The goal is to use a roller that will hold as much paint as possible with leaving the least amount of texture. Sizes range from 3/16″ to 1 1/2″ high.


Foam, nylon, polyester, mohair, microfiber, so many to pick! There are a lot of nuances to roller materials, but the key points to know are: natural fibers are good for oil based paints and synthetics are good for latex paints. Foam is good for high gloss oil and latex paints but has a tendency to leave air bubbles.There are many to pick from, but don’t worry Bauen will break it down for you.


Rollers come in various widths, most common are 3″, 4″, 9″ and 14″. You will most likely be using 9″ and 4″.

ottom Line. 3/8″ nap is always a good go-to when in doubt. It is the most versatile. If you can spring the bucks for a roller upgrade, we highly recommend it.