You have found that perfect space to call home. Whether it be a rental or a forever purchase, you have weathered the searching process and are ready to finally make your place your own. Where do you begin!? Your home is an ecosystem of thousands of parts put together to make it a whole.  It might appear like a complex system, but when you break it down to its nuts and bolts, it becomes quite simplified. Below is Bauen’s ecosystem to help your home.

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What are Bauen Boxes?

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Bauen Boxes are all inclusive product kits tailored to our How to projects. No more searching for each individual product. Bauen provides you with one page that includes all the products needed. We will advise on quantities, but you can always adjust to fit your needs. 

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Economy vs. Premium Boxes

Bauen offers two types of Bauen Boxes per project. Economy boxes are for those people that are on a budget, but still want a successful project. Premium boxes contain items that might have extra features or last longer. We spend a lot of time deciding what products to sell for each box. We take into consideration, price, quality and ease of use.

Where do we source our products?

Bauen is a tiny start up, so we don’t have the infrastructure to serve our customer needs by storing and shipping the products ourselves. The products are sourced and shipped from a third party that has the inventory and logistics to serve your DIY needs in a timely manner. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!