My husband and I recently purchased our first home and after the monetary shock of our purchase (closing costs are crazy!) we quickly came to learn what “house poor” meant. The dream of tearing out the upstairs to create a palatial master suite quickly dissipated and we realized our renovation dreams were on hold and for some projects permanently. We were resigned to the fact that we had to do it ourselves. Being ex-city people, we knew we had a huge learning curve ahead of us. Making matters worse, I worked for a very high end residential architecture firm and every day I saw the best of the best. I wanted perfection for our house too, so learning the proper way to perform projects was crucial.


We spent hours researching projects and products. We began to notice a trend – there was a plethora of How To information, but little about the actual products to use. Being told to wear a respirator is easy to understand, but not so easy to pick out when you have over 15 types from which to pick. The thought of having to make these type of decisions for all products gave us a headache.  I thought to myself, “If I am in the industry and have difficulty piecing together good information, how in the world can someone with no experience figure it out.” Why can’t someone just us exactly what to buy!? Bauen was born.


Jordan Jones
Jordan JonesFounder & CEO
Hi, my name is Jordan Jones and I love home improvement DIY. After working for one of the best residential architects in the world, I decided it was time to teach people to strive for their own beautiful homes, regardless of budget. I believe everyone has the ability to complete successful home improvement projects – as long as they have the proper information and tools. When I am not ripping down walls, which I have learned isn’t always a DIY project :), I can be found playing sports thinking I am still a college athlete, or shopping online furniture auctions – AMAZING. I received my undergraduate Art History degree from Princeton University and a masters of Interior Design from Pratt Institute.
Jihae Chung
Jihae ChungWeb Developer
Hi my name is Jihae and a fun fact about me is I grew up in Ecuador and South Korea. I I have an undergraduate computer science degree and 7 years of IT experience in different industries including architecture firms, fashion and advertising industries in NYC. I am a front-end coder and a mommy of a 18 month old. When I am not coding or playing with my 18 month old, I like to catch up on “Million Dollar Listing” show on Bravo and “Love it and List it” on HGTV to get some ideas on how to decorate my dream home to look more modern and up to date.
Katherine Niemczyk
Katherine NiemczykVideo Editor
Hi my name is Katherine Niemczyk and I hail from a small town in New England. DIY has been in my blood since childhood. One of my greatest memories is building a barn with my dad. I attended Wheaton College from 2004 to 2008 and double-minored in Art History and Religion. I went on to teach English in South Korea for two and a half years. I now live in New York City during which I attended NYU from 2011-2013 for a Masters in News and Documentary. I currently work at ABC News producing and editing for World News Now, America This Morning, and Nightline.


We work with an amazing team of industry professionals to provide us with the knowledge that we share with you. These individuals work on some of the most amazing homes in the world.